Monday, March 12, 2012

Sin and Sav(i)or

It is the biggest sin any woman can commit,
Or so the media and other women portray.
It's something in my life, that I can never omit,
An important part of my life it has to play.

Photograph by Lakshmi Subramaniyam
A Sin for some women it is,
A Savior for me it is,
In my mouth, it's better than a kiss.
It's more than a thousand words; it is bliss.

It is neither sin, nor savor,
It is brown and melts in your mouth.
It's sweet essence does you a favor,
It sends your troubles, down South.

Many women contemplate,
But children never hesitate.
"Chocolate is a woman's best friend." They say,
But it really makes a child's day.

Would I choose Sin or Savor?
You should know, it is neither.
It is a Sin for some women,
For me, it is a Savior.