Friday, October 24, 2014


If I had to show you an A4 sheet of paper with a black dot on it, you'd notice the black dot first, yes? It's human nature. You're drawn to it. The whole sheet of paper is white, but you'll (or we'll) only see the black dot.

That's how we see people as well from time to time. We notice their "flaws" per say...or something that stands out (could be). Taking on this perspective, we could assume that flaws are not necessarily flaws. As one person may think talking too much is a nuisance, another may think, "wow...they can talk about anything to anyone", therefore admiring your socialising skills.

I may just be rambling on about some small topic that I introspect about now and then. But the point of this is, give people a chance. A first impression does not always count. People are flawed, we all are...but these flaws work in our favour as we would not be who we are if we didn't have these flaws. Yes? Yes.

The black dot on the A4 sheet of paper could be the starting point of a whole new pattern. Don't let it scare you. :)

Happy Friday!