Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Shit Happens" Part II

The evening started off with us editing the most hilarious essay ever. Well not really but we never tend to realise the mistakes we make when we are sleep-typing (don't pretend you don't know what that know exactly what it is. We are the procrastination generation!)

Anyway, the fun night slowly evolved into a rather serious night with all the profound talks about life, friends, relationships, boys, girls, noise, family...everything possible. But one thing that struck me most was this one sentence we constantly kept repeating, "I have gone through so much shit."

Have I? Have I really gone through so much shit? I mean for a 20 year old girl (note, girl. Not woman) to say something like that should be meaningful. But then again, "shit" could vary in understanding and definition according to various people. For one person, "I have gone through so much shit." could mean "I took the longest dump today." whereas for another it could mean, "My friends don't understand me." and for another, "I am 18 and pregnant."

My point is, the parameters of defining "shit" could be anything, really. The shit I go through can be a huge deal for me, but a small deal for someone who's "shit parameters" are more widely defined than mine. Make sense? No. Then the point of my so called "post" has gone through to your head. Do reflect upon it.

For more information on shit, please read "SHIT HAPPENS"

Friday, November 16, 2012

If only he knew...

If only he knows, if only.
If only he knows how I feel,
When he stares at other women,
From top to heel.
If only he knows how I feel,
When he ignores me.
Feelings, I have to conceal.

Ours is a special relationship,
Like no other.
We’re best friends, perhaps more;
Or only I think so. 
Sometimes I feel,
I love him to the core.
But he, he’s not aware…
Not aware of the Heart he tore.

I am no expert,
When it comes to love.
Is it restricting?
Or does it let you fly free, like a dove?
I may or may not love this man.
What I do know is,
My happiness lies in his.
If only he knew…if only.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Hell Of A Night

Any characters appearing in this work are purely fictitious. Any familiar characteristics are purely coincidental. :P Furthermore, this is not any form of advertisement for 'Once Upon A Time'. 

12 30am. I came home from a long day and a rather crazy night. I was really tired and ready to jump into my comfy bed. As soon as I opened my door, I suddenly got all the energy in the world. I was so hyper and ready to do something. Anything. Unfortunately, I had no one to go out with at this time. I decided to watch ‘Once Upon A Time’ on my laptop.

Funny and tempting text messages from a friend such as “I am so fuxed” or “You should’ve come” or “This is fonnn” made me think twice before I changed into my PJ’s. But I ended up making myself comfortable in my bed, with a laptop and a bar of chocolate, and of course, ‘Once Upon A Time’.

The blind witch opened her eyes and I jumped a little. Not a Nano second later, someone knocked at my door. I jumped! 2 15am. Who’s at my door at this time of the morning? The others back? Why would they inform me? I should be asleep according to them.

I opened the door slowly, half expecting a blind witch. There stood 2 of my flat mates, Jim and Sara. Okay. What? Why? Why are they here? They looked worried. What happened? Jim blurted out, “We forgot David.” I stared at him for 2 minutes, and sadly, I started laughing. It was rather mean, but the situation was funny. We called for a cab and went back to the house party to fetch David.

2 30am. Strangely, when we got there, we were told that David had already left. Meh. We weren’t that bothered as he’s a grown man. We’ll check on him in the morning. We headed back to our university, went to our respective rooms and we were all doing our own thing.

2 36am. The blind witch is being burned in the oven while Hansel and Gretel are running away to the Queen’s palace. I hear a knock on my door again. Son of a bitch. This blind witch is ruining my life. Jim stood there, looking more worried than ever, “I lost my phone!” Okay. Shit just got serious. Now the blind witch took his phone? Grr.

3 43am. Sara, Jim and I were in my room, tracking Jim’s phone online. Sadly, his tracking application was crap. It tracked only after 24 hours. We tried calling his phone a number of times. After a couple of calls, someone picked up and said, “I am sleeping! Pick up your phone tomorrow!” and before we could ask her anything, she cut the call. We tried calling back and the smart woman has switched off the phone in order to catch up on her precious sleep. Bitch. (Well not really. She was really nice. You’ll find out.)

Well we know the phone isn’t stolen. Whew. All go back to bed.

8 45am. Jim is at my door, knocking. I go with a half sleepy face. His face all blurry. He asks for my phone, I give it to him. The woman from last night returned his phone to him. Ah happy endings.

But do happy endings really exist? I mean, what really happens after the “happily ever after” bit of every fairy tale? Watch ‘Once Upon A Time’ and you’ll find out. ;)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The 'End' of the World

So apparently the world is going to come to an end soon. December 2012. Hmm.

How many of us actually believe in the end of the world? I mean, if you die, isn’t that the end for you? Hence the end of the world? Okay so maybe I don’t make sense. But there’s a point there.

For me, the end of the world has always been something dramatic in my head. Like Sam (from Supernatural) jumping into Hell to save the world from the apocalypse. So do we have a Sam in our world? If so, that’d be awesome. Because we’d have Dean too and well…Dean. Enough said.

There are a few people that I’ve had the whole ‘end of the world’ discussion with. One person, whose point was rather interesting, was that it’s not the end of the world, but a new beginning. This could be true. I mean, before the universe exploded to form the planets, for all we know, there may have been humans living in that unexploded universe, discussing the end of the universe. Then, the world was formed. Now the world will end and will form something new. Then that new thing will end and form some other new thing and so on. It’s the circle of…life?

Point being, if the world is actually ending this December, we need a bucket list no? I have a friend back in India. She’s been a real inspiration. She had a normal bucket list. I mean, we all do. But how many of us have actually done things out of this bucket list? My friend has done most of what she wanted to: She pierced her nose, she got a tattoo. Sigh.

Scuba Diving
Photograph By: Lakshmi Subramaniyam
So my bucket list, and mind you, the list may get longer (not in order of preference/importance):

    1.       Go scuba diving: Done
    2.       Visit Amsterdam: Done
    3.       Visit Greece
    4.       Go on a Euro Trip
    5.       Lay down under the stars
    6.       Go bungee jumping
    7.       Go sky diving
    8.       Get a tattoo
    9.       Kiss someone under the stars
    10.    Write a novel
    11.     Write a script for a movie
    12.    Visit China with my sister  
    13.     Visit the outer space
    14.     Learn to play the violin

That’s about it for now. I’m sure I could think of more. But my mind is blank now.

One thing we need to remember is that the end of the world could be true…or it could just be a concept. A belief. Or as my friend described it, it could be a new beginning. It’s better not to reflect upon it too much. Make a bucket list. Live your bucket list. The end of the world is the end of your life; the end of your life is the end of your world. Remember that. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Is Life a Bitch?

Sometimes life can be a bitch. You do so many things that you regret…but you never realise the lessons they teach you. After all, you do learn from mistakes.

It’s never easy to go through a break up. It’s never easy to go through a fucked up break up either. You know; the ones where you have a misunderstanding and you have a huge fight. What makes it even worse? Social networks or let’s broaden it a little; the recent developments in technology from internet to cell phones to whatever else I am not aware of.

"My ex and I broke up about 4 and a- half years back. I still read the fucked up message he sent me when we broke up. What’s even more fucked up is that the message pin points on certain personal traits of mine; some that I reflect upon when I am introspecting; some that I know are my bad qualities. It’s bad enough when you know your negative qualities, but for someone to list them out and give them to you, that sucks. Major. And at the back of my mind, I am very much aware that I have access to a list of my shitty qualities, hidden deep in some Facebook message." - An Anonymous Friend.

Technology is a major contributing factor to many misunderstandings these days. Think about it. I easily get jealous when I see a guy I have a crush on with some other chic on Facebook, posing for sultry kind of pictures; Or when he comments on her pictures. Gah. What the hell? Back off bitch! See? If this is my reaction to a freaking guy I have a crush on, how would it be if he were my boyfriend?

"The problem with our generation is that we
are so dependent on technology..."
Photograph by: Jiyoon Kim
The problem with our generation is that we are so dependent on technology rather than our own feelings. We are willing to believe pictures, messages, wallposts, tweets and what not from various social networks, but we hardly trust the person. We judge people by their pictures, statuses, notes, etc. but we never give them a chance to explain themselves.

Lesson learnt? A rather cliché one…but never judge a book by its cover. To make it more understandable for our generation, never judge a person by their Facebook profile.

Life is a bitch. That’s only a belief. If you want to make it better, life is still a bitch. But a bitch gives birth to cute puppies. Life is a bitch. But it’ll give you those happy moments when you need them. Just don’t let petty things like technology ruin it for you. Technology didn't make us, we made technology.

"We're all afraid to speak up. So instead we assume, misunderstand, and complicate everything." - @wizdom