Friday, January 15, 2016

Your Passion Defines You

Sometimes I feel like we take our hobbies and/or passions for granted. We don't realise how they define us as a person, keep is grounded, sane and stable. Yes, we have people in our lives to help us do this too, but sometimes self exploration is the best way to discover something new about yourself.

Why am I writing about this? I haven't written in three months. And for someone who claims to be a passionate writer, this is the worst example to set. Not writing for three months has not damaged who I am, but it has definitely affected certain aspects of my creative process.

When I used to write regularly, I used to keep note of every idea in my small notebook. This helped have a creative flow to my writing or just some genuinely interesting things to discuss. Now, if I do get an idea, I'm at work or in the auto going home. I don't have anywhere to write...and it never occurred to me to keep note of it on my phone because I like to physically write these things down. Because of this, I've let so many good ideas go. 

Recently, I decided enough is enough. I need to get this blog up and running. Not for the handful of readers (who I appreciate), but for me. For my sanity. For me to have my venting portal back. Depending on family and friends for venting is great. But you cannot deny that they will never understand the whole of it. But they will support you and be there for you.

But your passion, be it writing, reading, baking, cooking, photography, drawing...this will allow you to see things more clearly. The process of your passion relaxes you, allowing you to have a clearer perspective of things. So let your passion define you and allow you to surpass all your fears and frustrations. 

Tell me, what's your passion??