Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Steps to my "Career"

"I want to become a! A mother!! Then I can cook, eat and sleep." - I could barely think (2 to 3 years old).

"I want to become an architect because Akka* wants to become one too! Then, me, Akka and Appa** can start our own company!" - I looked up to my role model (7 to 8 years old).

"I shall become an engineer. Because I like Math. It's so easy." - Did not know what I was talking about (Middle School).

"I don't know what to take as a career! Parents want me to become an engineer...I have weird subject combinations! Blah!!" - When Math became tougher and I didn't care (High School).

"I have never really had any interest in science, philosophy or literature. I would not mind a heated discussion with a few pals and a chilled out setting. However, if you ask me to write a paper on Plato or Shakespeare, I would go nuts." - When I was still in High School but more "mature".

"I like Photoshop. I should probably think of Graphic Designing...hmm..." - When I took a year off and discovered the beauty of Digital Art.

"I am a Media Student. My 3 major subjects are Psychology, Literature and Media." - Today...just bearing it. be continued when am older...

*Akka - Elder Sister
**Appa - Father/Dad

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 things I did last night instead of studying

1. Thought about France and spoke in French to myself.
2. Stared at my blank purple wall and wondered why it never looked so interesting before.
Refer to Point Number 3
3. Searched for myself on Twitter (and also misspelled my name while doing so).
4. Played Taboo with myself.
5. Played Free cell and Solitaire on my laptop.
6. Stalked myself on Facebook.
7. Google searched whether the next day would be a holiday or not.
8. Cried because the next day is not a holiday.
9. Stared at my purple wall more.
10. Went to sleep because that's all am good at.