Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Steps to my "Career"

"I want to become a! A mother!! Then I can cook, eat and sleep." - I could barely think (2 to 3 years old).

"I want to become an architect because Akka* wants to become one too! Then, me, Akka and Appa** can start our own company!" - I looked up to my role model (7 to 8 years old).

"I shall become an engineer. Because I like Math. It's so easy." - Did not know what I was talking about (Middle School).

"I don't know what to take as a career! Parents want me to become an engineer...I have weird subject combinations! Blah!!" - When Math became tougher and I didn't care (High School).

"I have never really had any interest in science, philosophy or literature. I would not mind a heated discussion with a few pals and a chilled out setting. However, if you ask me to write a paper on Plato or Shakespeare, I would go nuts." - When I was still in High School but more "mature".

"I like Photoshop. I should probably think of Graphic Designing...hmm..." - When I took a year off and discovered the beauty of Digital Art.

"I am a Media Student. My 3 major subjects are Psychology, Literature and Media." - Today...just bearing it. be continued when am older...

*Akka - Elder Sister
**Appa - Father/Dad