Sunday, December 22, 2013

Important Questions

1. Who decides how we pronounce words?
2. What is beyond the universe?
3. How do we get out of the "friend zone"? (Where is Ron Weasley?)
4. Why is teenage, the most confusing stage of life, the most influencing of our lives?
5. Why do we need a contract legally uniting two people (marriage) when there's one that separates them (divorce)?
6. Why do we have to follow unwritten social norms? (Such as don't pick your nose in public)
7. Do aliens exist? Or are they just other humans on another planet? Or in another galaxy?
8. Why didn't Joey and Phoebe get together?
9. Is there life after death?
10. Can you think of more questions? 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The definition of "Beautiful"

What is the definition of "beautiful" or "beauty"?

I believe it's something subjective. The more you admire something or someone, the more beautiful it or that someone becomes for you. It's not about the physicality or outward appearance, but the inner sense. But then again, that's my opinion. So let's see what some people had to say:

"Umm that's a hard one, but I guess beauty is a quality in something that appeals to us." - Srishti

"Everyone is beauty-full. No one is beautiful by his/her features but by his/her nature. Beauty is beauty. It can be soul, heart, mind or gesture." - Tanushree

"I don't know. This is such a hard question...okay, beautiful is when the most placid and normal places/faces look magical, almost surreal and you know something is special about it/the person but you can never point it out.." - Sundeep

"No one has a definition. Because it's not always about physical beauty." - Sharang

"Someone's intellect." - Parinetha

"It's something more than just physically attractive, something mind blowing, something that takes your breath away...I don't know." - Mashal

"Well. Something that defines sophistication and finesse in utter simplicity." - Ketan

"To me, being full in my stomach is, food." - B. Subramaniyam

Subjectivity at it's best!

Oh and here's what Jason Mraz thinks:

Jason Mraz - Beauty in the Ugly

Friday, December 13, 2013

I don't know.

Final year and all that jazz.

It's a confusing phase in life. Lots of decisions, lots of pressure, lots of questions...I am at a loss to really write about anything else.

Gone are the days when finding a job wasn't hard. It was at your fingertips...and the annoyance of "work experience" was NOT a huge issue. Circle of life I tell you.
Circle of Life
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But no no. These days they have those graduate opportunities also. But then again, SO many people are graduating, that the probability is just so low.

The thing with people of today (including me) is that we dream big. All of us. We tend to forget the existence of realism. We're either optimistic, pessimistic or...romantic? (I think my exams are getting to me.)

Anyhu, we all say life is complicated...but I believe we make it complicated, either by our actions, or by the actions of people around us. But let's all screw that, and have ice cream.