Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rhossili Bay!

Cliffs at Sea
I've been to Rhossili three times, and this was my fourth trip. I was excited, as usual. There's nothing more than travel that gives me an adrenaline rush. Tanushree and I headed to the bus station from Swansea University. We were meeting a few more friends there; that's what made the whole trip more exciting! The three different trips had been three different experiences, because of the people I went with.

Turns out, our friend, Ketan, was the only one there. His roommates were meant to join us. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, they couldn't make it. We didn't let that affect our excitement though. It was Ketan's first visit to Rhossili, and we were determined to make it lots of fun!
Walking around
We took the bus. It was more or less a 45 minutes journey. We did our own things - clicking pictures, listening to music, talking - and finally, we were there!

It's like the weather suddenly decided to match our moods, and it was sunny! Rhossili Bay is gorgeous when the sun shines all over the damp grass. The waves across the bay look dramatic, no matter what weather! But the colour of the water, that deep, oceanic...almost "can't-stop-staring", happens only when the sun is out; and this time, we were lucky.
Our lovely walking surface!

We walked on top of the cliffs, daring to approach the edges. We clicked many pictures, putting our photography skills to work. As we kept walking, we saw a young man, of our age. He had a backpack, a small snack and his Nikon D3100. He was seated on a bench, observing the people and scenery around him. We didn't notice how he looked as we were more engrossed in our experience. But I do remember Tanushree whispering, "He's like you! You came alone once, didn't you? So cool!" And I couldn't help but smile to myself, thinking that there are people out there, just like me.

We finally reached the left-end of the bay, where we could get a sort of clear view of Worm's Head. There were pebbles between the end of the bay and Worm's Head. It was 13:30hrs and the tide comes in at 17:00hrs. We were all seated, gazing out and taking in the beauty of the nature (and the warmth of the rare sunshine). Just when we were discussing whether or not we should cross to Worm's Head, the young man we had observed earlier stood behind us and smiled. He greeted us.

The four of us exchanged names and a few facts about each other. His name is Brian and he is a student from America.

Stopping to click photographs
Then the most amazing two and a half hours of my whole stay in Swansea, began. We crossed the stretch between the bay and Worm's Head. It was lots of walking, climbing, jumping and photography. Alongside all that, it was a lot of laughter, stories and talking mini-autobiographies of our lives.

We finally made it to Worm's Head, like it was a hike from one city to another. We were not tired. We still burst with excitement. And this journey just made our hearts pump with more adrenaline. After a few photographs at Worm's Head, we headed back to Rhossili Bay.

At Worm's Head
There, we enjoyed the most beautiful sunset, where Brian said something I'd never forget, "God is just showing off now!" Indeed he was...and why wouldn't he? The world is so beautiful.

The beautiful sunset
Needless to say, it was one of the most epic journeys of my life. I met a new person, discovered new things about people I knew, did what I enjoyed most - photography and adventure...and had a new experience. Like I said, Rhossili is a place where you are guaranteed to always have a different experience, no matter how many times you go.

Some helpful facts:

- If you're travelling from Swansea City Center to Rhossili, take the bus number 118.
- Buy a day ticket - it should cost you 4.70 Pounds, with return.
- Wear waterproof shoes as you'll have a lot of walking to do in a lot of wet land.
- Carry water and some snacks as the cafe closes pretty early (around 5pm , if I'm not mistaken).
- If you plan on crossing the stretch to Worm's Head, good footwear and a decent backpack is recommended.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Advantage of Exams

Advantage...psh! The advantage is when they're over!

It's exam time again. Stress on again. Why do we have to write exams anyway? It's quite hypocritical to say that literature and art is subjective, then write an exam on it. Even if we write an exam on it, we shouldn't fail. It's subjective!

But I say this all out of frustration. It's exam stress. Sigh pie.

Anyway, this post is regarding exam stress. I know I've posted earlier on about exams and what I do instead of studying (click here to read about my sad life). Well now here's a list to motivate you to study!

1. Exams go by quickly. I'm not even kidding. You think you've time during an exam and before you know it, those three hours went by like three seconds!
Image Source: Google
2. After exams, you are permitted one day to sleep like for 24 hours straight if needed!
3. All that exam stress weight you gain (by eating junk food and whatnot) will be lost when you go partying and all that jazz.
4. Think of all the series you have given up! You can watch them all at one go!
5. You can finally waste time without feeling guilty...then again, we do that anyway.

All I can say is, it's almost over!

Good luck peeps!

Monday, January 6, 2014


A little too late, so obviously my New Year's Resolution has nothing to do with my time management. Meh. What the hell?

Which is why I say, the whole "new year, new me" concept never works. You cannot change just because it's the start of a new year. You change when you feel like. When you think you need to start exercising, start! Don't wait for the new year.

New Year Resolutions are nothing but a back up...something that makes us feel better. Something that makes us feel like we've been given another chance. A new start.

Nope. I'm still same old me. I eat chocolates. I watch Friends (the TV show). I procrastinate. Oh but I did give up coffee...but on 28th December! So HAH!

Anyway. Point is, it's a new year. But we have exams okay? I have an issue with that by the way. How can we go home, where tis all warm and nice and stuff, and then come back to this depressing weather, and on top of that, write exams?! (<-- such a long sentence that hardly makes sense in terms of grammar and/or syntax but pfft!)

Having ranted it all out, HAPPY NEW YEAR folks! I shall be doing some new things this year. But I'll blog about all that later on...after exams, that is.

Peace be with you.