Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Advantage of Exams

Advantage...psh! The advantage is when they're over!

It's exam time again. Stress on again. Why do we have to write exams anyway? It's quite hypocritical to say that literature and art is subjective, then write an exam on it. Even if we write an exam on it, we shouldn't fail. It's subjective!

But I say this all out of frustration. It's exam stress. Sigh pie.

Anyway, this post is regarding exam stress. I know I've posted earlier on about exams and what I do instead of studying (click here to read about my sad life). Well now here's a list to motivate you to study!

1. Exams go by quickly. I'm not even kidding. You think you've time during an exam and before you know it, those three hours went by like three seconds!
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2. After exams, you are permitted one day to sleep like for 24 hours straight if needed!
3. All that exam stress weight you gain (by eating junk food and whatnot) will be lost when you go partying and all that jazz.
4. Think of all the series you have given up! You can watch them all at one go!
5. You can finally waste time without feeling guilty...then again, we do that anyway.

All I can say is, it's almost over!

Good luck peeps!

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