Saturday, June 30, 2012

Airtel: They're full of Air and never Tel

10 minutes ago, I recharged my phone with a balance of Rs99. Having a BlackBerry, I am unaware of most of the plans Airtel has to offer for their recharge. I didn't bother to ask (I take small fault here) and the guy at the store didn't bother to tell me what I was in for either.

10 minutes later, I check my balance. I still have Rs3.50 and have been recharged with Rs0.10. What the hell? Didn't I just recharge? I walked back to the store, despite being sick, and asked the guy what the issue was. He asked me to call customer care. Okay, will do.

The first time I called 121, they cut my balance AND my call. My blood was boiling. I called them again. This time, the guy told me I have a special account. Why the hell am I not aware of this "special account"?! First of all, why do I NEED a special account? I am more than happy with my regular account! He furthermore tells me, when I asked him if I could transfer the balance, that I cannot. Before I could even express my complaint and utter inconvenience, he cuts me off by saying "Thank you for calling Airtel. Good evening."

There was no customer consideration. Most people would agree with me when I say that Airtel are just rip offs. They cut your balance for unnecessary things, send you annoying messages, call you at the most random times and give you "special accounts" that you are unaware of. They have never been clear about their different recharge plans and which one is for what.

My mother too had a recent experience. As my father was in Africa, she had to call him. Airtel charges per minute. When dialing, my father would answer and the call would cut immediately. My mother has been on the phone for not more than 20 seconds, but has been charged for a minute. Why the rip off?!

It is sad that despite having so many customers, Airtel has the need to rip off people.I agree this was partly my fault for not inquiring, in my situation. But my mother was nowhere at fault. Airtel should be reminded, with Rs99, I could have bought myself a nice meal. And with the Rs5 you cut off my mother's call, She could have bought a packet of biscuits. Please be reminded that we are the customers and the customers are always right. Especially in this case. My father earned that money and now it has gone to my special account, which is of NO use to me. I would have been more content if I had donated that Rs99 to an orphanage or towards any other social service.

I recently learnt, "The Medium is the Message". Clearly, Airtel is neither a Medium nor a Message.