Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mardaani: Thoughts

The topic of women in India is a life long discussion. There's always some issue or the other - abuse, rape, girl trafficking...and so on.

This movie, Mardaani, is one what picks up the issue of girl trafficking and brings no new perspective, but shows the audience the brutal reality of what happens in India. I can probably add that it's not only in India, but should probably be happening in other parts of the world too.

The movie is no different from what many people say - women empowerment, free women, justice has to happen, and so on.

But one thing I really liked about the movie was when the protagonist questions, what's the point of being emotional after the incident has occurred? We need to be emotional before any incident happens in order to avoid it. If the war is personal, only then will you fight it. So why not make it all personal?

And that's the tagline of the movie - "Every war is personal".

I highly recommend watching this movie in order to understand how our country works when it comes to women, specifically girl trafficking. Of course, it offers no solution and for the handful that understand it, it's no use. We already feel strongly about the issue.

Watch the trailer here: