Friday, November 18, 2011

Meeting the Metro

I had just got back from my holiday in Dubai. I spent some quality time with my loved ones and soon they all diffused into memories, as I dived into a sea of assignments. However, an unexpected long weekend gave me the opportunity to ride on Bangalore's newest mode of transport, the Metro; or as it is locally known as, Namma Metro

For illustration purpose only
Photographer: Senashia Ekanayake
Having ridden on the Metro in Dubai, I did not have high expectations of Namma Metro. I was ready to compare the two. 

Between the two, I preferred the Metro Stations in Dubai. I am no architect, but the stations in Dubai were more  artistically designed, therefore more appealing to the viewer's eye. The Metro Station in Bangalore was very plain and boring, but much more spacious than the one in Dubai. This may be for the accommodation of a large crowd as Bangalore is more populated than Dubai.

The train in Bangalore was similar to that of the one in Dubai. However, personally, I thought that the train in Bangalore was far more informative and convenient in terms of accommodating a large group of people. 

The prices of the tickets, in both Dubai and Bangalore, were relatively affordable considering the value of the currency of each place respectively and the distance covered. The Metro in Dubai issues small cards, the size of a standard business card. These cards are disposable once completely used. The Metro in Bangalore issues tokens, which are a little larger than a coin. These tokens are reusable, therefore saving paper and reducing the chances of littering at the Stations. However, the tokens are small enough to easily displace.

My journey on Bangalore's Metro was from Mahatma Gandhi Road, popularly known as MG Road, to Indira Nagar and back. A one way journey took me approximately 10 minutes, whereas by auto, the same distance would have taken me much longer and cost me probably 5 times more. 

To sum up the whole journey, it was unique and quite nice, for the simple reason that it was a different experience to have traveled a fairly long distance so quickly, with no noise, no disruptions and no pollution. We may be frustrated with the construction of the Metro right now, but once it is fully constructed and starts functioning at a regular pace, we will appreciate it's existence. 

© Anupama Subramaniyam

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zambia: Happy Independence Day!

This is my 6th attempt at writing a perfect post for Zambia, but it's just impossible for me to sit and write about a country like Zambia and not get nostalgic.
Photographer: A S Kedarnath

To have been part of such a beautiful and blessed nation is indeed an honor for me and my family. The country of Zambia is filled with natural beauty and amazing people! It is impossible for one to live in Zambia and not like the place.

Having lived in Zambia for 18 years, I cannot find any other place that can be compared to Zambia's beauty, rich culture and kind people. What's even more commendable about the country is the unity among the people.

The country may be small, but it's heart is huge!
I wish the whole of Zambia, the People of Zambia and all Zambians across the globe, a Happy and Peaceful 47th Independence Day!

© Anupama Subramaniyam 

A Special Bond

You know that feeling...when you hear a song and you immediately relate it to one of your many life experiences? When you watch a movie and constantly keep repeating the dialogues with a friend? When you watch a television show/sitcom and act out the dialogues with someone you're close to?

My sister and I have watched the famous television sitcom, Friends, a gazillion times that we can repeat a whole season of dialogues given the chance! We've watched so many movies so many times that we end up acting out the next scene before it even plays! We've listened to a billion songs that we drive our neighbors away when we unleash the star singers in us! *ahem*

It's those crazy moments that make memories even more priceless. I wouldn't trade those crazy memories for anything in the world! I'll end this post my saying, "Maushi Maushi...I loves you the very muches! I dedicates this the posts to yous my sisters!" 

Am sure you get it Sistaaa!

© Anupama Subramaniyam

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


In the past 5 years, I have met quite a few people who have changed my life. Whenever there was a crisis, I had different ways of handling it, from the advice and opinions of different people.

A day came, when there was no one beside me, just me alone. I didn't know what to do. I grew anxious, scared and confused. I approached the land line telephone and decided to call my sister when I thought, "My sister! No wait, she's busy with her college stuff. What do I do?"

I went online on Yahoo Messenger. Again, no one to ask. I was so confused! What do I do? Argh!
For illustration purpose only
Photographer: Anupama Subramaniyam

My Mom rang the door bell! I was relieved. I asked her and she said, "I don't know. You decide." Back to square one. Gah!

I took my Mom's phone, without her knowing and dialed Grandma's number. I asked her and she said, "It's just one tea spoon dear." Whew! I managed to make my first cup of coffee ever...and it was disgusting, but worth the try.

© Anupama Subramaniyam

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Dream of Reality

It's not a dream; it is reality.
I walk under the dark sky,
Hoping something will catch my eye,
I look up, with hope in my heart,
I see nothing, but it's just a start.
Everything seems so gloomy;
It is a dream of reality.

I see a mysterious figure,
It's approaching, nearer and nearer,
I run away from it
And walk into another street.
Everything seems so gloomy;
It is a dream of reality.

This street looks more familiar,
I walk faster, feeling merrier.
I reach my destination and open the gate,
And I realize, am really late!
Everything is not so gloomy,
It's not a dream; it is reality.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Dumb Phone...or Person?

Around March 2011, I was ecstatic to have purchased my first ever smart phone, the BlackBerry 9300 curve! It was my baby! I showed him off, I explored through all the applications, added people to my BBM list, convinced friends to buy a model of the phone. It was just so nice.

My BlackBerry Smart Phone
But now, do I call it a smart phone? Not so much. I wouldn't blame the BlackBerry company. There is always a chance of technical faults taking over any form of technology. We all make mistakes. So do the people who make stuff. If it's not the person's fault, it's the machine's fault.

When I got my first phone, it was a basic Nokia model with that wonderful snake game in it and NO color screen. I was so happy with that phone. I managed to lead a life without constantly keeping in touch with my friends through chat and social networks. Once I made good friends, I got my BlackBerry. I was constantly in touch with them. But at some point, we didn't have much to talk about. Right now, without my BlackBerry services, am reminiscing my days of the Nokia basic model. All I can say is, my BlackBerry has Sudoku in it, but a part of me misses the snake game.

© Anupama Subramaniyam 

The Queen of Procrastination

It's 13:43pm; 
And am writing a poem!
What a way to distract myself,
From a fat book on my shelf.

It's the exam season now;
1 down, 4 more to go.
But how? 
How do I study?
With distractions;
Oh! So many!
Distractions that were never;
Never! So interesting;
During the summer...

It's sad, you may think;
And yes it is,
Because my grades will sink!
But what do I care?
I'll get my revenge!

Many years down the lane,
When am long dead and gone.
My great-great-great grand kids,
Will kill their memories of me,
With a stone!

Why, you ask?
I'll tell you why!
This very poem, 
They will all read!

All because of my boredom;
They perform a bad deed.

I don't regret;
And I will never!
It's all a cycle-
A cycle of life;
From generation to generation;
I'll remain forever,
The Queen of Procrastination.

© Anupama Subramaniyam  

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Heart wants what the Heart wants

Have you ever been in love with someone? Have you ever got that teeny bit of joy just when a person talks to you , because you know that they're thinking of you? Have you ever had sleepless nights because you can't stop thinking of that one special person?

Sounds too cliche and in the words of Monica from FRIENDS (the TV show), an "ick factor"? Ah well, falling in love is very easy. It could happen within two seconds, or sometimes, even a lifetime isn't enough. But falling out of love, that's a bi*ch!

I blame movies for the whole rosy picture of love. They make it look like every guy on earth thinks about falling in love, when in reality, they don't give a sh*t! Okay, that's not entirely true. There are some guys who will think of getting into a serious relationship; but let's face it, that's like what, one out of a million guys?! Yes there are romantic guys, but we won't get them. Because they're already taken. Or too mature for us. Or way too mushy for us!

I used to think, "why waste your time with love and what not?" One could just live his life alone; travel the world, eat food, not worry about how you look or walk or talk. Then one day, I fell in love. It's a beautiful feeling! Until the guy you fall in love with says, "Let's just be friends." Ouch! Which genius told me to tell him?!

Sure it's easier said than done, "Let's just be friends." A guy and a girl CAN be friends. But after a break up or my situation? You're definitely going to face awkward moments. He may not feel it, but you definitely will.

I have no advice to give. Am just sharing a life's experience. The heart wants what the heart wants. Accept that.

© Anupama Subramaniyam

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Perfect Daughter

Every single girl of the modern world wants to have a size "zero" figure; a trend started by all these famous actresses. I have only one question, where the f**k is this rule of "slim and trim" girls written?! Of course, one reason to exercise, is to remain healthy. Now that, I support. On the other paw, if you want to look good, I suggest you add a little toned flesh to your so called "body" which I would call, "a pile of bones".

Photograph by: Lakshmi Subramaniyam

I've never been a health freak. In fact, I don't care about my health, because I know am healthy. Do I wish I was slim? Yes, sometimes. Only when I hear my mother telling me, "Why don't you wake up a little early and go for a walk?" or when my relatives comment, "You've gained weight!" or my sister tells me, "It's difficult to lose weight when you grow older." At other times, I convince myself that I may not be beautiful, but I have one hell of a fantastic personality! Sure I won't get the attention of guys, but who cares?

I've never been the perfect daughter. But then again, no one has. There's no such thing as, "the perfect daughter". The weird thing is, I am very good in my studies. But am always picked on for my weight, my laziness, my ignorance for more important things in life, my constant usage of technology rather than doing something more productive and lastly, my ignorance for my weight.

Photograph by: Lakshmi Subramaniyam
I feel this way because I live with my parents. All teenagers feel irritated when they are with their parents at this stage. However, you'll only realize their value when you are far away from them. I know that what they're telling me is for my own good. But right now, am only mature enough to write that in my blog, and not in my mind. I'll surely realize the value of their scoldings when am older, and may or may not regret it.

All I can say now is that, even though they're constantly on my back for one thing or the other, I sure as hell know that they care. And that's why I love them to bits.

© Anupama Subramaniyam

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A conversation that led to a blog

So am on The Twitter a lot lately, and I had this conversation with a total stranger sitting in another part of the world (or so he claims) and two of his questions struck me; "What are your dreams in life?" and "What has been your memorable vacation till date?" for which I had a spontaneous reply, to both (surprisingly):

A holiday in Durban, South Africa
I have many dreams; to travel the world, become a successful media personality, make my own movies and documentaries one day, publish my own novel(s) one day, host a show perhaps, own a beautiful beach house and give something back to the needy.

My memorable vacation? My dream vacation is Greece! *smile* But one that I've already been on is Cape Town, South Africa. Beauty beyond description...from the beach to table mountain to the Cape Point to Robbin Island! It was amazing! *smile* 

The whole point of this, is that, sometimes even a stranger sitting in another part of the world can help you discover yourself. Of course I knew those are the things I want to do in life, but I never actually explained them to anyone. I may have dreamt, but today, I am determined to make this happen. I am determined. 

© Anupama Subramaniyam

Hello There!

So, I have many blog sites and am tired of making a choice. I joined one called "" only to discover it's almost similar to The Twitter, except, you can blog too! Ohhhhh! *sarcasm*

That's me!
Blogging isn't really my kind of thing. I may write something today, and my next post will be ages from today! However, I am trying to move away from my "Idle Mind". Hopefully I will someday *wink*
Well, since this is my first post, I will tell you a little bit about myself *smile*

My name is Anupama Subramaniyam, most commonly known by the name Anu Subra. I am Indian by Nationality but have been in Zambia, Africa since I was a month old. My family is my first priority, then my friends. Am a Saggitarean! *wide smile* I love food! I listen to all kinds of music and right now am experimenting my soul's connection with Bollywood music. I love movies! In short, am like any other normal teenager, except once you get to know me, you won't regret it *smile*

Okay, I guess that's enough for now. My mature and intellectual side will be seen in future posts. Don't judge me from this blog because am half sleepy right now. *pulls out tongue*

Keep Smiling People! *smile*

© Anupama Subramaniyam