Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Heart wants what the Heart wants

Have you ever been in love with someone? Have you ever got that teeny bit of joy just when a person talks to you , because you know that they're thinking of you? Have you ever had sleepless nights because you can't stop thinking of that one special person?

Sounds too cliche and in the words of Monica from FRIENDS (the TV show), an "ick factor"? Ah well, falling in love is very easy. It could happen within two seconds, or sometimes, even a lifetime isn't enough. But falling out of love, that's a bi*ch!

I blame movies for the whole rosy picture of love. They make it look like every guy on earth thinks about falling in love, when in reality, they don't give a sh*t! Okay, that's not entirely true. There are some guys who will think of getting into a serious relationship; but let's face it, that's like what, one out of a million guys?! Yes there are romantic guys, but we won't get them. Because they're already taken. Or too mature for us. Or way too mushy for us!

I used to think, "why waste your time with love and what not?" One could just live his life alone; travel the world, eat food, not worry about how you look or walk or talk. Then one day, I fell in love. It's a beautiful feeling! Until the guy you fall in love with says, "Let's just be friends." Ouch! Which genius told me to tell him?!

Sure it's easier said than done, "Let's just be friends." A guy and a girl CAN be friends. But after a break up or my situation? You're definitely going to face awkward moments. He may not feel it, but you definitely will.

I have no advice to give. Am just sharing a life's experience. The heart wants what the heart wants. Accept that.

© Anupama Subramaniyam