Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Get YOUR Grammar Right!

Today your going to learn about English and it's grammar rules. Its to hard too understand some of there rules as their so confusing.


Today, YOU'RE going to learn about English and ITS grammar rules. IT'S TOO hard TO understand some of THEIR rules as THEY ARE so confusing.

Get the damn difference children. It's safe to say that you may just eat Grandma sometime otherwise.

"Let's eat Grandma."
Let's eat, Grandma."

Save a person's life. Learn correct English. And grammar.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Types of People on Facebook: Part II - Inputs from my Lovely Readers :)

So...some of you lovely ladies and lads added on to the previous list. So here goes!

BitStrip of Anu Subra
1. BitStrip Fanatics

For those of you not familiar with the concept of BitStrips, it's a comic version of yourself where you represent any situation or feeling. Like the illustration shown. I am a BitStrip Fanatic so I'm not gonna speak ill of this ish. Okay fine. I have to be fair. The thing is damn addictive! Mainly because it's humorous. But when you see your news-feed full of BitStrips, you realise it's a bit too much. So bye-bye BitStrips. *sniff*

2. Stalkers

Now, it's really hard to tell when someone is stalking you on Facebook. Constantly checking a person's profile...every day, every minute, every second. Brrr. But it is obvious when I get a notification that someone liked my post from freaking 2008. It's even more embarrassing when you're on a touch screen and you accidentally do so. Oohhh busted!!

If there are any more, please do let me know and I'll add on to this list!
Thank you!

Inputs from: Harshit Jain, Lloyd L Mackayi, Parvathy Menon

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Types of People on Facebook

There are a gazillion people on Facebook. But some of them fall under the following categories:

1. News Givers

These are the people that constantly update you with news. Like we’ve no idea what’s happening in the world. Frankly, I get most of my news updates thanks to these people. I don’t even read the newspaper unless I really have to…like for work or something.

2. Attention Seekers

“I’m so sad”…yeah? Well, so am I…thanks to your update. Furthermore, Facebook has this new application that actually encourages such kind of statuses. Like seriously, when did a Facebook status become one’s personal diary?!

3. Photograph Freaks

I’ll admit. I’m one of these. But damn, it’s the only place to share pictures and what not. If we take pictures, it’s because we want them up on Facebook so that we can see how many likes we get and what not. In a way, photographs have lost their essential meaning…making memories. Sigh.

4. "Likers"

Ever posted up anything and had a like immediately from that one person? No? Well then, you don’t have a “liker” on Facebook. These are the people who are the first ones to give you a notification. They like almost everything you post up or your news-feed will be filled with “So and so liked so and so’s post/photo/link” and so on. These are also the people who are constantly on their phone…on Facebook.

5. Couples

Now don’t mind, but I may be a bit biased as I am single. But to all you couples…hi. So. Yes. Firstly, it’s a bit confusing (and excuse me, but irritating) when y’all have the same profile pictures. Like bro, didn’t y’all take more than one picture together? Secondly, it’s hard for me to figure out whether you updated your status or whether your girlfriend did it for you. So please, let me know whether you’re bi-polar, have MPD or just fused with your girlfriend to make that “one-body-two-heads” thing I spoke about a few posts back.

6. #Hashtaggers

Hello there people who want to use hash tags but hate Twitter. Psh. The concept of hash tags was ridiculous when it appeared on Facebook. It was legit on Twitter because…well…that was probably the USP of Twitter. But when Facebook incorporated it, it was just…sad. But it was funny before they incorporated it…because people actually used it without knowing its actual serving purpose.

7. Check in!

The people who check in…I’m actually surprised you’ve not been attacked yet. Seriously, I know exactly where you are and what you’re doing; and that’s a tad bit creepy. But then again, it’s informative. If I wanted to join you, I’d just come by. Or I’ll do the whole “OMG! You’re here too? I had no idea!!” I’ll admit, I was used to checking on before. I still do. Only on Foursquare.

8. Philosophers

Get your life's gyaan and advice from your friends who put up philosophical quotes...inspirational, political, environmental...everything. This isn't irritating really. It's actually sensible. You're spreading knowledge. So peace to y'all.

There are many more categories but these are all I could think of at this time of the morning. If you know of any others, please feel free to post a comment or two on your categories or thoughts! Peace! 

A Weekend Getaway: Pondicherry

Hello Pondy!

Pondicherry Railway Station
Looking for a quick weekend away? Pondicherry is the answer. The small town offers a lot for a weekend. Pack your bags and catch the next train or bus to Pondicherry because this is a place that guarantees lots of opportunities for photographers, adventurers, travelers, foodies and most commonly, a combination of all.

The city is highly influenced by its past colonization by the French in the 1700s. The people of the city can communicate in Tamil, English and some in French too. Easy for those of you who are not familiar with Tamil. Furthermore, most of the architecture is European, with bright colours such as yellow; high ceilings and big windows.

Being a small city (town?), it has many advantages; people know the area pretty well to direct you, communication is easy, most touristy places are near each other, people are friendly and the environment is relatively clean. Adding on, you don't even need local transport if you're in for a good walk. Think it's worth it after eating all the delicious French, Italian and of course, South Indian food!

Let's establish, before you read further, that a weekend is more than enough to see Pondicherry. It's not that there isn't much to see. It's just that the place is rather small for you to spend a lot of time. Unless, of course, you like spiritual life and beaches. Then I'd say take 5 to 6 days to see the place and find your inner self.

Things to see, do and eat!

1. Auroville

Auroville "Welcome"
Auroville "Golden Globe"
Auroville is a small town about 8km from Pondicherry. The easiest way to get there is hiring a cab. What's there to do? They have a small visitors' information center for those of you who are interested in the history of this beautiful structure. Furthermore, all you architects, this is a must see for you! The structure started construction in the 80s and was completed around 2008. So go and find out what the deal is with the time taken to construct this massive structure.

If you want to go inside the "Golden Globe", you need to make an booking in advance (if this is your first time). I suggest you do it online as the chances of you getting a booking on the spot are really really low.

2. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach
The peace of going to a beach, sitting and observing the waves as you drift away in your own mind. Sigh. This is the place to be if you want peace and quiet or just pure fun with waves! Paradise Beach is an island. To get to this island, you've to go on a 30 minute boat ride. Once you reach the island, chill with a good book or a drink or swim or just stare at the waves...as anything is legit on an island with a beautiful beach!

3. Aurobindo Ashram

Looking to discover yourself? Want to know more about the history of Pondicherry? Head to the Aurobindo Ashram - the most peaceful place to be when meditating. The place is filled with people sitting, cross legged, as they meditate for inner peace, discovering themselves or just for some relaxation. The place is worth exploring to understand the values and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and Mother.
Local Beach

4. The Local Beach

The beach in Pondicherry has no sand. It has been covered with rocks. But it is still worth a visit as Le Cafe is situated here. Furthermore, climbing down the rocks for some pictures is totally worth the view!

5. The Sacred Church of Jesus

Sacred Church of Jesus
Visit the Church to reconnect with God. Aside from this, the European combined with Indian architecture is admirable.

6. Eat outs!

There are quite a few options for people to eat. Being a vegetarian, I probably cannot help you non veg eaters. However, I'll give it a shot! Firstly, vegetarians, you have to eat at Surguru Hotel. They have the best veg food you can think of...from dosas to idlys to vadas to naans to paneer...sigh. They also have accommodation services.

Le Cafe's Cold Coffee
Le Cafe serves anything really...they have cold coffee, french fries and for those of you in search of a little bit of France, they have croissants!

Other than that, I cannot give more information in the food aspect of things. But you are sure to find signs directing you to various places to eat. The most common cuisines you will find are French, Italian and Indian...all authentic.

Plan your trip!

So if you're looking to travel to Pondicherry, there are many ways to get here. The bus, train or if you're the daring types, you could drive down on your own! Many hotels are available to accommodate you according to your comforts. The hotels are more than willing to organise a taxi for you to get around the city. Otherwise, you could always walk around or take an auto rickshaw.

It's the perfect place for a relaxing weekend away from a metropolitan city. Or just a break from the monotony of a fast paced life.

All Photographs taken by Author

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

University Days

So I haven't blogged for over a month now. I don't even have a valid excuse. I've been on break since May 7th. Sigh pie. I guess the blog was becoming too personal for me. I need to keep some things to myself also, noh?

Having said that, this post is a very light topic.

Guess what?! I'm in India! Bangalore, to be specific. It's good to walk around without a jacket. Feel humidity. Enjoy thunder and lightening. Eat dosas. I'm so gonna get lazy these holidays.

University life is fun. Don't get me wrong. But when you live alone, you realise the amount of home chores your parents (and if you've a maid) do! Oh so many! Cooking, for instance, is so much fun! On the other paw, doing the dishes? Bleh. Cleaning your room every week is a must. The sense of organisation is needed when you're studying. Finding your textbook among your clothes pile is a sign that you need to clean your room.

Don't even get me started on living with your friends. I mean, no offence. It's a shit load fun when you're staying in a flat with your friends (or roommate). But that interferes with your routine. You'll be busy studying or pondering over some stuff when someone knocks on your door. It'll be for a minute's job but damn! You'll stand there talking for hours! No privacy bro.

University life and living alone gets you active. You tend to become more responsible and empathise (literally) with your parents. One thing to always keep in mind is the reason you're there. Study, get a degree, work. Life is very mechanical that way. But that's only because we always look at the broad picture. Look at it in detail, and you'll find the reason why life is so totally worth it!