Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Complicated Guy/Gal

You know there's that one friend we all have, who is a douche? The one who's always mean. And picking on you. And calling you names. And irritating you. And taking the joy out of everything? Buzz kill.


That one person is there for you. When you need it. They listen to your over dramatic but minuscule problems...they advice you, then make fun of you. They irritate you...then say sorry.

It's like, I like you. But I'll be mean to you. But I want you to like me too. Coz this is who I am. Bitch.

It's probably the best friendship you have. Believe me. Nothing is stronger than accepting a person for who they are...rather than expecting them to change. Or making them change. Would you change yourself, just to make someone else happy?

It's probably the core of all relationships. Accept, Trust and be Honest. Everything else will make sense then.

(I'm sure if my bunch of douchy friends read this, they'll criticise it...but I love 'em anyway!)

To Friendship!