Thursday, January 17, 2013

Past and Present

The Past

1. Walking
2. Writing
3. Letters
4. Outdoor games
5. Long Distance Relationships
6. No "doing stuff" before marriage
7. In love only once
8. Eating a meal out once in a while
9. The thrill of going for a movie
10. Face to face conversations

The Present

1. Cars, Trains, Gyms, etc.
2. Typing
3. E-mails, chat, etc.
4. Video games
5. Break up
6. What's marriage?
7. In love a gazillion times
8. Eating a home cooked meal once in a while
9. Everything is available online these days
10. Facebook, Skype, etc.

Who said technology is better? Who said being practical is facing reality? The thrill of life was lived in the past. Today we're all just machines, abiding by society's rules. We are not who we are. We are what others want us to be. We have no identity because we are all one. You may think you are unique, but so is everyone else.

Technology may be efficient, but it has sucked out the human from us. It's sad I even have to blog about it, rather than talk about it with someone. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Rape Case

The People;
The lower class, unaware
The middle class, aware but no time
The upper class, aware, have time to protest
But, no results.

The Media;
News sensation, exaggeration
What is the reality?
Blowing out of proportion
New stories: Has Bollywood got to do anything with this? 
Are the media to blame?
Again, no results.

International viewers;
Sympathise, discuss
Look down upon India
It does not affect them;
Again, no results.

Social Media;
Endless RIP tweets,
Sharing n number of notes and photographs about the case
Organising walks and protests
All lasted for a few weeks.
Today? Hardly anything seen on my newsfeed.

What’s the point?
Was justice served?
Was it served despite all these expressions, protests, walks, news, reactions, discussions?
What really happened?

R.I.P, the woman who fought, the woman who awakened India with her sleep.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Stages of Life

The reality of life hurts,

      1.       As a child, you will fall down and hurt yourself
      2.       As a school kid, you will have no best friend
      3.       As a teenager, you will have some fucked up hormonal and emotional swings
      4.       As a late teenager, you will be used and dumped
      5.       As a mature adult, you will work your ass off day and night
      6.       As a mother, you will give up so many things just to stay home and make it a home
      7.       As a father, you will work so hard to provide for your family
      8.       As a sister, you will have endless arguments about silly things with your siblings
      9.       As a wife/husband, you will have to make many sacrifices
      10.   As an old person, you will be bored of life

 But there’s always a “but”

      1.       But later on, you will show off your scar and remember how you stayed strong through it all.
      2.       But, you will have a group of friends with whom you play “mud”.
      3.       But, you will always remember your first crush.
      4.       But, you will never realise how you’ve probably done the same to someone else.
      5.       But, the money is so totally worth it.
      6.       But, it is worth it when your husband and kids say, “Oh what lovely sambar mom!”
      7.       But, it is worth it when your kids grow up and are a success thanks to your education.
      8.       But, it’s the advice sessions that really count!
      9.       But, these sacrifices are what make it work.
      10.   But, you’ll learn to reflect upon the last 9 points of your life and accept that fact that “Life is good. I have lived my life.”

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Express Yourself

So I haven’t blogged in a while. I was on holiday. And then exams came in the way (they still are in the way but it’s a good stress buster to blog. There are other ways too but for that you can refer to my other blogpost, 10 Things I did Last Night Instead of Studying).

First of all, Happy New Year! It’s 2013 and we can finally get over the whole “The world is ending” crap. The world will never end. Period.

So this post is an inspiration from the recent trip to Zambia. It was a rather short one but it was eventful. Lots of ups and downs, realisations, responsibilities, advice sprees, catching up with old friends, realising who your friends really are, hanging out with kids and realising they’re not kids anymore and so on.

But the most important lesson I learned when I was there is that priorities change. Yes. They do. As you mature, so do your priorities. 4 years back, my priority was to make the guy that I am in love with realise that I am in love with him. And for some reason, I wanted him to love me back. Today, I look back at that 16 year old and laugh. What kind of shitty priority is that for a 16 year old girl? I didn’t even understand what love was at that age.

Today, my priority is to do well in my exams. I have to do well. Why? Because I finally realise the amount of efforts my parents are putting in to educate me. I mean, some people out there do not even have the opportunity to be educated. Why should I throw my opportunity down the drain? Plus, my second (and main) reason is that I LOVE MY COURSE. I know what I want to do when I am done. Which is why I cannot wait till I am done!

But who knows, tomorrow my priority could change. I may be married and my priority would be to make breakfast for my husband. Gosh. To even think of that is not a good feeling. No. My husband shall make his own breakfast.

Anyway, point being, even though your priorities do change, just remember that you shouldn’t change. If you want to do well in your exams, do well – study hard, work hard but keep time for some relaxation too. Let the information sink in. Remember, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” On the same lines, if you get married or get a girlfriend/boyfriend, spend time with them – make them feel special, treat them like they deserve to be treated; but keep time for your family and friends too…your parents, siblings, good friends, etc.

Life is too short to sit and prioritise all the time. Don’t let maturity or age affect your priorities. Sometimes, let go, live life and be spontaneous. Friends come and go, girlfriends come and go, boyfriends come and go, exams come and go, jobs come and go but relationships? Family? Good friends? They’re here to stay forever. If you’re reading this, take out our phone or open Facebook. Message your mom or dad or best friend and just tell them that you love them. Life is too short to wait. Express yourself.