Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Rape Case

The People;
The lower class, unaware
The middle class, aware but no time
The upper class, aware, have time to protest
But, no results.

The Media;
News sensation, exaggeration
What is the reality?
Blowing out of proportion
New stories: Has Bollywood got to do anything with this? 
Are the media to blame?
Again, no results.

International viewers;
Sympathise, discuss
Look down upon India
It does not affect them;
Again, no results.

Social Media;
Endless RIP tweets,
Sharing n number of notes and photographs about the case
Organising walks and protests
All lasted for a few weeks.
Today? Hardly anything seen on my newsfeed.

What’s the point?
Was justice served?
Was it served despite all these expressions, protests, walks, news, reactions, discussions?
What really happened?

R.I.P, the woman who fought, the woman who awakened India with her sleep.

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