Thursday, January 17, 2013

Past and Present

The Past

1. Walking
2. Writing
3. Letters
4. Outdoor games
5. Long Distance Relationships
6. No "doing stuff" before marriage
7. In love only once
8. Eating a meal out once in a while
9. The thrill of going for a movie
10. Face to face conversations

The Present

1. Cars, Trains, Gyms, etc.
2. Typing
3. E-mails, chat, etc.
4. Video games
5. Break up
6. What's marriage?
7. In love a gazillion times
8. Eating a home cooked meal once in a while
9. Everything is available online these days
10. Facebook, Skype, etc.

Who said technology is better? Who said being practical is facing reality? The thrill of life was lived in the past. Today we're all just machines, abiding by society's rules. We are not who we are. We are what others want us to be. We have no identity because we are all one. You may think you are unique, but so is everyone else.

Technology may be efficient, but it has sucked out the human from us. It's sad I even have to blog about it, rather than talk about it with someone. 

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