Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 things 'Finding Fanny' taught me.

[SPOILERS]...sort of...

I went for Finding Fanny a few days back. I also went for the English version...for reasons that only few people know. I understand it better than Hindi. The movie on a whole was enjoyable. We rarely get Hindi movies that portray dark humour. This was a good watch especially for those who appreciate brilliant acting.

Here's a list of things that the movie taught me:

1. When proposing to your love, please do it in person. Not via a letter. Unless you're delivering.
2. Love can be right under your nose and you wouldn't know.
3. Move on. If you can't let go, how will you see what's right under your nose?
4. When you fire a gun, make sure no one is dead. Unless it was intentional :/
5. Artists are full of emotions...but sometimes they can be heartless too.
6. When you get the chance to tell someone you love them, tell them. Regret can be with you lifelong.
7. Bollywood movies can be nice even without music numbers.
8. Helping those you don't want to help can lead to you discovering something wonderful.
9. Be responsible for your own pets.
10. When you want to cry, cry without caring.

Catch the trailer of the movie! :)