Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Updates + Realizations

So I know it's been a while...this is what an intensive Masters course does to one. They have no time to do anything. Okay I lie. It's writers' block. Okay I lie again. It really is time. And lack of anything to write about...so writers' block? Meh.

Anyway. Life has been weird lately. Mainly because I actually have a routine. Like I said. Masters student life. I actually sleep on time and wake up on time, cook, work, workout...time management has become my superpower.

A week back, a good friend of mine and I had a conversation about life in general and where it's heading...and why. That conversation made me self reflect more than I should have...which I am thankful for. It's because of that I now have the superpower of time management. No really.

This made me reflect further...sometimes you meet people, and you don't know when, how or where they will have an impact on your life. But they will. Be it a huge impact or something minute...they always will leave you with something...thoughts, memories, advice, memoirs...anything.

They say family sticks with you no matter what, which is very true. But if you can find a friend that can do that too, consider yourself lucky...because you just added one more member to the family...:)