Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Special Bond

You know that feeling...when you hear a song and you immediately relate it to one of your many life experiences? When you watch a movie and constantly keep repeating the dialogues with a friend? When you watch a television show/sitcom and act out the dialogues with someone you're close to?

My sister and I have watched the famous television sitcom, Friends, a gazillion times that we can repeat a whole season of dialogues given the chance! We've watched so many movies so many times that we end up acting out the next scene before it even plays! We've listened to a billion songs that we drive our neighbors away when we unleash the star singers in us! *ahem*

It's those crazy moments that make memories even more priceless. I wouldn't trade those crazy memories for anything in the world! I'll end this post my saying, "Maushi Maushi...I loves you the very muches! I dedicates this the posts to yous my sisters!" 

Am sure you get it Sistaaa!

© Anupama Subramaniyam