Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zambia: Happy Independence Day!

This is my 6th attempt at writing a perfect post for Zambia, but it's just impossible for me to sit and write about a country like Zambia and not get nostalgic.
Photographer: A S Kedarnath

To have been part of such a beautiful and blessed nation is indeed an honor for me and my family. The country of Zambia is filled with natural beauty and amazing people! It is impossible for one to live in Zambia and not like the place.

Having lived in Zambia for 18 years, I cannot find any other place that can be compared to Zambia's beauty, rich culture and kind people. What's even more commendable about the country is the unity among the people.

The country may be small, but it's heart is huge!
I wish the whole of Zambia, the People of Zambia and all Zambians across the globe, a Happy and Peaceful 47th Independence Day!

© Anupama Subramaniyam 


  1. As a Zambian I must say your more than welcome,we enjoyed having you over...

  2. That's so sweet. Thanks Martin :)