Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hello There!

So, I have many blog sites and am tired of making a choice. I joined one called "thoughts.com" only to discover it's almost similar to The Twitter, except, you can blog too! Ohhhhh! *sarcasm*

That's me!
Blogging isn't really my kind of thing. I may write something today, and my next post will be ages from today! However, I am trying to move away from my "Idle Mind". Hopefully I will someday *wink*
Well, since this is my first post, I will tell you a little bit about myself *smile*

My name is Anupama Subramaniyam, most commonly known by the name Anu Subra. I am Indian by Nationality but have been in Zambia, Africa since I was a month old. My family is my first priority, then my friends. Am a Saggitarean! *wide smile* I love food! I listen to all kinds of music and right now am experimenting my soul's connection with Bollywood music. I love movies! In short, am like any other normal teenager, except once you get to know me, you won't regret it *smile*

Okay, I guess that's enough for now. My mature and intellectual side will be seen in future posts. Don't judge me from this blog because am half sleepy right now. *pulls out tongue*

Keep Smiling People! *smile*

© Anupama Subramaniyam 


  1. Woots! I skimmed through all posts and read a few :D Soon, will read all and comment. Except for tsk blogspot #Sigh #WordpressFTW

    1. Haha thanks :D
      I could say the same about Wordpress. #BlogspotFTW :P