Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Is Life a Bitch?

Sometimes life can be a bitch. You do so many things that you regret…but you never realise the lessons they teach you. After all, you do learn from mistakes.

It’s never easy to go through a break up. It’s never easy to go through a fucked up break up either. You know; the ones where you have a misunderstanding and you have a huge fight. What makes it even worse? Social networks or let’s broaden it a little; the recent developments in technology from internet to cell phones to whatever else I am not aware of.

"My ex and I broke up about 4 and a- half years back. I still read the fucked up message he sent me when we broke up. What’s even more fucked up is that the message pin points on certain personal traits of mine; some that I reflect upon when I am introspecting; some that I know are my bad qualities. It’s bad enough when you know your negative qualities, but for someone to list them out and give them to you, that sucks. Major. And at the back of my mind, I am very much aware that I have access to a list of my shitty qualities, hidden deep in some Facebook message." - An Anonymous Friend.

Technology is a major contributing factor to many misunderstandings these days. Think about it. I easily get jealous when I see a guy I have a crush on with some other chic on Facebook, posing for sultry kind of pictures; Or when he comments on her pictures. Gah. What the hell? Back off bitch! See? If this is my reaction to a freaking guy I have a crush on, how would it be if he were my boyfriend?

"The problem with our generation is that we
are so dependent on technology..."
Photograph by: Jiyoon Kim
The problem with our generation is that we are so dependent on technology rather than our own feelings. We are willing to believe pictures, messages, wallposts, tweets and what not from various social networks, but we hardly trust the person. We judge people by their pictures, statuses, notes, etc. but we never give them a chance to explain themselves.

Lesson learnt? A rather cliché one…but never judge a book by its cover. To make it more understandable for our generation, never judge a person by their Facebook profile.

Life is a bitch. That’s only a belief. If you want to make it better, life is still a bitch. But a bitch gives birth to cute puppies. Life is a bitch. But it’ll give you those happy moments when you need them. Just don’t let petty things like technology ruin it for you. Technology didn't make us, we made technology.

"We're all afraid to speak up. So instead we assume, misunderstand, and complicate everything." - @wizdom


  1. I like the turn over of how the bitch gives birth to puppies! :D *thumbs up*

  2. Agreed. But then again, technology for some of us become the only means of sustaining relationships. And you must agree that it is easier to break up 'online' as opposed to hearing the same direct 'in your face'. Tell this chick to delete the msg!

  3. Point noted. However, the feeling you get from ripping a letter is much more intense than that of deleting a message ;)