Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Shit Happens" Part II

The evening started off with us editing the most hilarious essay ever. Well not really but we never tend to realise the mistakes we make when we are sleep-typing (don't pretend you don't know what that know exactly what it is. We are the procrastination generation!)

Anyway, the fun night slowly evolved into a rather serious night with all the profound talks about life, friends, relationships, boys, girls, noise, family...everything possible. But one thing that struck me most was this one sentence we constantly kept repeating, "I have gone through so much shit."

Have I? Have I really gone through so much shit? I mean for a 20 year old girl (note, girl. Not woman) to say something like that should be meaningful. But then again, "shit" could vary in understanding and definition according to various people. For one person, "I have gone through so much shit." could mean "I took the longest dump today." whereas for another it could mean, "My friends don't understand me." and for another, "I am 18 and pregnant."

My point is, the parameters of defining "shit" could be anything, really. The shit I go through can be a huge deal for me, but a small deal for someone who's "shit parameters" are more widely defined than mine. Make sense? No. Then the point of my so called "post" has gone through to your head. Do reflect upon it.

For more information on shit, please read "SHIT HAPPENS"


  1. It was "the most hilarious essay" because it was mine :P .. Get it? :P

    .. It makes sense.. Definitely makes sense

    Btw.. You have got some talent women.. Writing this blog at 2am.. after you went through that essay of mine so many times.. which was exhausting.. and made my brain go blank.. I salute you :P

  2. Of course because it was yours :P Haha

    Aww thank you so much :)