Friday, November 16, 2012

If only he knew...

If only he knows, if only.
If only he knows how I feel,
When he stares at other women,
From top to heel.
If only he knows how I feel,
When he ignores me.
Feelings, I have to conceal.

Ours is a special relationship,
Like no other.
We’re best friends, perhaps more;
Or only I think so. 
Sometimes I feel,
I love him to the core.
But he, he’s not aware…
Not aware of the Heart he tore.

I am no expert,
When it comes to love.
Is it restricting?
Or does it let you fly free, like a dove?
I may or may not love this man.
What I do know is,
My happiness lies in his.
If only he knew…if only.

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