Friday, April 12, 2013


All these days, I was under the impression that I was the person people came to, to tell me their problems, talk about random stuff, get close to, etc. I was overly flattered and proud that I wasn't close to anyone. I was content being alone and close to my sister.

Clearly I was wrong. I was completely wrong.

I get close to people. People don't get close to me. And this only hit me this morning. Don't ask how. Long story. But to cut it short, people that I get close to tend to leave my life in maximum two years. And once they leave, it's hard to maintain the same level of "closeness" via internet. It really is. Or some don't even leave physically. Some just get new friends. Or get into a relationship. Or something.

Point is, getting close to people is not just about sharing secrets, going out for movies, walks, the gym, eating together...nope. It's about care. And I care for these people. I love these people. They can be someone I spent an hour with or someone I've spent a life time with - it's not the time that counts, but the memories you've made with these people.

PS - I wrote this a month back. Was hesitant to post it then. Thought it was time.


  1. Also ... care is very subjective ... different people like to show they care in different ways ... me ... i like to show mine by putting water vapour on your glasses! :P

  2. I agree that care is subjective. Then again, most things in life are. These days even the aim of life is subjective. Sigh. Haha yes yes. I used to hate it but now I look forward to it :D