Monday, April 15, 2013

The "Real You"

Just recently, I started writing in a journal again. It's a different feeling. I mean, when you write in your own personal journal, you don't care much about grammar, spellings, handwriting and all these norms. I am the "real me" in this journal, I guess.

Perhaps we are all our true selves only personally - if that makes any sense. I can't be the full "real me" in front of others. There are certain things I do when I am alone, like dance crazily. There will always be something, consciously or subconsciously or unconsciously that I will not reveal.

Having said that, is it ever possible to be the "real you"? Think about it; even when you are alone, there are certain things you don't do or won't do which you do when you are with other people. For example, I don't eat in a mannerly order when I'm alone. But in the presence of others, I eat properly with the knife and the fork and what not.

The "real you" is probably never revealed at any time. That's why we have time for introspection. Get to know yourself, but it may never possible to know yourself fully.

Oh well, on that note, here's a song from Disney (sad, I know, but it's late at night and I don't feel like searching for a song):

Demi Levato Feat Joe Jonas - This is Me (Camp Rock)

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