Friday, November 22, 2013


Effed up moments

That moment...
when your crush walks by and all you can do is stare like a creepy owl. o.O
when you want to hug someone and instead they choose to shake hands. >_<
when you open a bag of chips but they decide to volcano erupt on you. -_-

Awesome moments!

That moment...
when you and your friend have telepathic conversations in front of an idiot. ^_^
when you think it's Tuesday, but it's actually Friday! B-)
when there's chocolate ice cream in your freezer. <3

Moments to move on...

That moment...
when you realise your soul mate is in New York (he loves penguins).
when you tell a guy he is perfect for you and he replies saying, "oh...okay..." 
when you eat tonnes of junk food and think it's okay but subconsciously you know it's not.

Moments to cherish

That moment...
when your mom Whatsapp texts you to pass time. :-)
when your sister gets hungry because you're Skype cooking lunch. :D
when your dad scolds you, you retaliate maturely and he says you've good English. xD

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