Sunday, November 17, 2013

Of Love and Other Things Part II

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So I'm in my final year of University...I'm less than a month away from the much hyped "21st Birthday"...and I'm still the same old crazy, food loving, pathetically in love, slightly delirious and weird girl.

So...have I learned what love is? Meh. Not really. I've had eye candy moments here and there...sometimes some profound feelings for some guy here and there. I'm like a remote control...just changing channels here and there! Muhahaha.

No serious talk though, love isn't something that can be defined noh? Going through a weird phase in life right now, I cannot be more sure about this. One cannot define love. There are just instances and moments that do so.

Recently, I came across a blog, that made me, for the first time, appreciate technology. They do make relationships work. I mean sure, their in-your-face sweet concept of maintaining a blog as a couple made me feel a little "icky" (Friends reference!) inside...but only because they have what we're all looking for...or at least something similar.

So here's the story...boy and girl meet, start dating, still dating...long distance! How do they get through long distance? Maintain a blog about it, together! Get them "awwws" rolling outta your tongue people!! Click here to read their blog.

Happy reading! :)

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