Saturday, March 1, 2014

'The Word Game'

So we played this game where we each have to say a word to form a sentence and then a story and so on. We then had the idea of jotting it down and I decided to post it on my blog, just for the fun of it! So have a good laugh people!

And a huge thanks to Mashal, Tanushree, Paulina and Sundeep!


It was dark outside. There was a werewolf dancing along with fairies. Tanushree was a witch with a big head. Mermaids were playing with Sundeep in the park. Paulina was watching the ballet Olympics with her boyfriend and his brother, Miguel and Hulio. The Spanish hot boys were dancing with the vampires. Paulina fell in love with one of them. Anu was making out with her professor, Hulio. While the mermaids were sunbathing with Mashal in a rollercoaster, Tanushree cast a spell on Sundeep. Sundeep died. Zombies at his funeral saved him. They gave him vampire powers which made him insane making him fall in love with Bella Swan.


Paulina’s sock got lost because Mashal ate it. Firefighters were shirtless searching for Paulina’s sock. Then Sundeep found a frog and kissed the frog. Miracle happened. Sundeep turned into a frog. He kissed the previous frog and turned back to a female. Tanushree saw this and instantly fell in love with magic and snails without the shell. The firefighters stripped off their spacesuits wearing nothing but boxers which stank. Mashal fell ill because she drank fish and frog juice cooked in Paulina’s sock. She thought that it was real food (with no rice). A homeless guy blew up a Bentley that was Anu’s. Tanushree’s magic started a fire in the garage that overcooked Mashal’s food. Mashal’s tongue got burned. The firefighters ran, but left their trousers hanging from the trees outside Paulina’s room. Paulina closed her curtains because she was embarrassed. Her face had jellybeans and mushrooms. Meanwhile Sundeep changed his name to Lisa.

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