Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dear Stranger, Happy Birthday! Sincerely, Stranger.

Dear Stranger,

Today, you reminded me of the days when humanity, kindness, friendship and love were most important. You may not have realised the impact of your small act, but it made me realise that in today's world, we hardly give importance to the things that really matter. For this, I sincerely thank you.


To my readers,

My friend and I were sitting in front of Forum Mall (Bangalore), and just talking about random stuff. You know how it is when you catch up with friends.

While doing so, we observed a group of boys in front of us. They were hiding a cake, which had a number of candles on them. Another group of boys were bringing in the birthday boy, covering his eyes. They brought him towards the cake, then revealed the surprise. The expression on the birthday boy's face was one I will never forget. The genuine happiness and joy on his face is one that is rarely to be seen.

What moved me in this act of friendship was when the cake was cut and distributed, the boys also distributed the cake to the people around.

This kind of attitude in today's world is rarely found. I would like to thank these boys, not for the cake, but for putting a smile on my face and making me take part in their circle of happiness. This took me back to the days when I was a kid and I would distribute chocolates all around the school, to people I knew and to people I didn't know, just because I wanted them to take part in my happiness.

Sometimes, it's best to keep things simple. Simplicity is what brings happiness. Today's incident was one I will always remember and cherish. Once again, Happy Birthday Jagdish! :-)

They shared their cake!

The group of boys. Photograph by Sundeep Chevour

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