Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Curse of Memories

Okay. So. It's been long. But it's been a hectic month. Doing the CELTA course is no joke. They told us at the beginning of the course, "Forget everything in your life. This is your life for the next four weeks." And boy were they not kidding. Whew!

It's all over and now we can breathe. We've got a great qualification in hand, made some amazing friends and even made plans for the future...meeting up, careers...and so on.

These memories are great. You meet someone and know them at a sort of...semi personal level? You don't exchange much on the side of problems, feelings or personal matters. It's more about the jokes,  mutual feelings about the same experiences and perhaps sharing a meal or two.

The curse of memories are those you share with someone who is closest to you...a best friend, perhaps even family...the memories are great when you guys are still together. Don't get me wrong.

It's when they leave that the memories  become a curse. Small things like is 2nd August?  Well it was until you remembered that it is his birthday too.

Your colleague orders a mocha coffee? Oh. My best friend used to order that.

Even minute things like songs, movies, tv shows, books...They appear in your day to day life and disrupt your thoughts. Sigh.

It could be a curse of memories...or just some thoughts that will always be with you, no matter what. It's up to us as to whether we embrace and accept them...Or try to suppress them.

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