Friday, July 27, 2012

"Being Gay is unnatural"

The following post is not to offend or make fun of anyone. It is a personal opinion.

Recently, my friend from English Honors and I were having a discussion on whether being gay is an issue or not. For many people it is, for many people, it isn't. I know that many people from the previous generation find it hard to accept this sexual orientation. They call it "unnatural".

I agree that it is unnatural. God made man and woman to reproduce; and this involves sex. How is it possible if it is man and man or woman and woman? However, there is nothing wrong with being gay. Some may call it unnatural, but many things in this world are unnatural. Look at technology for instance, that is unnatural- it is man made. How are you able to accept that? If you can accept something that harms you, why are you reluctant in accepting something that is not harmful, and is mostly based on emotions?

Another thing that many people need to consider, especially if you claim that you're mature, is playing a rather immature prank on your friends, by updating their Facebook or bbm status to "I'm gay!" Not only is that inconsiderate, but it is offensive. Being gay isn't a funny thing. It is an accepted sexual orientation. It may be funny for you and your friends, but inconsiderate towards people who are actually gay as it is an indirect way of making fun of them.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, these are my opinions and thoughts after a discussion. It is not meant to offend anyone in anyway. My only plea is that one should consider what they say and do before playing a prank or calling someone unnatural. Our sexual orientation doesn't define our personality. Remember that. 

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