Friday, July 27, 2012

"Talk Dirty to me" "What?" "I said it's ten thirty!"

Living in today's world has it's own advantages. Everything is fast; internet, people, technology, work, transport, even food! Thanks to latest developments in technology, I can sit on the moon and still communicate with my parents. But if there's anything that I do not appreciate about today's world, it's language; and am not referring to slang. Slang is normal; in fact, I enjoy going through the Urban Dictionary. It makes life more fun. The language I am referring to is that hidden meaning behind the most basic and normal words one could use. Yes, I'm talking dirty.

I was talking to my friend from Zambia about how we "grind chutney" in India. Clearly he didn't take it in the food sense. He had a very confused expression on his face and asked me, "So you danced with chutney? Like dirty dancing?" What was I to answer? (Facepalm)

This other time, I was singing a song to myself in class, about a bird. It goes like this:

                          "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree/ Merry, Merry King of
                           the bush is he/ Laugh Kookaburra! Laugh Kookaburra!/
                           Gay your life must be!"

No one thought I was gay, but it sure popped up a few questions. It's sad that our generation doesn't remember that "gay" at one point in time meant to be happy!

Moving from language, even sounds are misinterpreted. I cannot watch a game of tennis without feeling uncomfortable, after someone on Twitter posted: "If you can't watch porn, or feel guilty to do so, just switch to a channel where women play tennis and close your eyes." (Facepalm)

There are many instances where we go through this. I am sure you can think of a couple. It is nice to know that our generation is rather forward and willing to accept so many things that the previous generation would frown upon. But it is worthy to remember that these "dirty" jokes have their time and place. There is no problem is having your fun with your friends circle. But during a class presentation or group discussions? There's a limit. Also, offending people is one thing we should consider too. I found the tennis remark rather offensive and am sure those women playing tennis would too.

Play jokes, have fun, know your limits. Like Ross from Friends said, "You're laughing at someone and not with someone, and that's just mean!"


  1. I love it nupsey. Dawn of the perv generation!!!

  2. Haha "Dawn of the perv generation" I love that! Thanks! :)