Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Crossing Roads!

Crossing the road is a task and a half. I mean if you live in a country like India, you've to look all directions...have a 360 degree vision yo!

I've been in Canada for 3 weeks now. And crossing roads here is easy peasy. They have the signal to let you know when you can cross. You don't have to do the whole "look right..look left..yada yada.." Now, you just have to stare at a signal that has a walking man.

Ever noticed how awkward it is when you're crossing the road? I mean if you're a group of people, all well and good. But when it's a couple of people...or you're alone. Man! It's like all eyes on you bro! And you don't know what to do? Do you smile? Wave? Look down? Why should I look down? I'm not ashamed. Should I do a dance and entertain them? Should I look straight? If I don't smile, they're gonna think I'm a bitch. OMG I'm the chicken crossing the road!

See in India that's not a problem. Because while you're moving, so is the traffic.

So many thoughts. So many awkward moments. Or maybe it's just me. Let me know. If it is...then I need some serious help.

Stay safe.

(I really couldn't think of anything else to blog about...any ideas are more than welcome.)

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