Saturday, October 6, 2012

Father and Child

This post is dedicated to my Father and all other Fathers in the world.

Every man talks about the heart warming relationship between a mother and her child. However, the relationship between a father and his child is equally heart warming and special.

A father always shares a special bond with his child, be it his son or his daughter. He will always treasure the moments he has spent with his children; be it a small game of baseball with his son or a special talk with his daughter before her first date.

Photographer: Lakshmi Subramaniyam
In any case, it is always the father who helps the child realise his responsibilities. When a child walks into his house with a report card full of red marks, it is the father's duty to analyse this report card. Normal situations like these will involve the father getting into a rage. But at the end of the day, the father sits his child down and explains the importance of education to the kid. During these small talks is when the father and child bond.

I remember my father advising me when I didn't fair well in my exams. He told me that it didn't matter and that at least I passed. He talked to me about his personal experiences of failure. I always look up to him. He has always been supportive of what my sister and I do. He has always talked to us when something went wrong and always chose the right words to say.

It is typical that the child may react in a negative manner. However, as the child matures, he realises the importance of his father's words. I know I always do. It is because of the advice and scoldings that when a child grows up, he gains a sense of responsibility.

Any relationship has stages of progression. But that one of a father and his child is special and lasts forever. I love you Appa.

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