Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Shit Happens"

A lot of shit happens when you're in University. Especially if you're abroad. Oh and don't take me wrong. "Shit" isn't bad things. You know how the jargon of today's world is: "This shit is cool!" kinda "shit" :P

Anyway, living alone, abroad, no restrictions; sounds fun no? Meh. It's pretty much the same. In fact, you start to miss the times when you had some people around you. Sure I've only been here a week or so, and I've made a few friends. But it's only been 10 days. I mean, who can you open up to in 10 days? Speaking to these people online before meeting them isn't getting to know them. It takes time for the comfort level to sink in I guess. Then again, everything takes time. 

One thing you will definitely enjoy is the lectures. The lectures here are beyond amazing. For one, everyone shuts up. <3 Bless them. And the lecturer isn't boring. He makes the lectures as interesting as possible. Maybe that's why everyone shuts up :P

Going back to the "shit": As we all say, shit happens. I've had my ups and downs. Hell I've already had disputes with my 10 day friends. :D But we still hang out because they just that cool B-) See the cool "shit" now? :P

This wasn't really a post as such. Just a time to let out what I have on my mind. Emotional mix up and all that jazz in my head so needed to do this. All hail blogging <3