Monday, February 11, 2013

14th February


Only because I am single, I shall crib about Valentine’s Day. It sucks. All those couples around doing their things; buying each other gifts, going out on a romantic date, being there for each other. GAH. Nauseating. Being single on Valentine’s Day sucks. It’s like not being drunk on St Patrick’s Day! Or not having cake on your birthday. You feel so incomplete. There’s a hole in your heart. I think I shall go and eat my chocolate ice cream, watch some pathetic romantic movie and cry now.


Aww honey. I love you but today I shall show you that I love you. Here, have this gift basket. And chocolate. And I’ll take you out for dinner. And here’s a Mercedes. Also, we have to show PDA because you know…you just have to. Really. Today is the day that I will love you so much. I do love you but today I just have to express it because on other days I don’t. Or I do and the world doesn’t know about it.


Hello there. So. Valentine’s day. Hmm. What’s the big deal? There’s always a big deal. But before we go there, what is Valentine’s Day? According to Google, and the online dictionary, it’s a day for the exchange of tokens of affection. So where the hell does the whole “I’m single” or “I’m in a relationship” or “I don’t have a date on this day” play its part?!

Okay fine, I understand people go a little overboard with the gifts and affection. So you do it too!! Who says the “token of affection” has to be for your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/partner? You can get something for your sister, brother, mother, father, etc. I know Fathers and Mothers have their own days…but do siblings?

Which brings me to my next point. WHY IS THERE A FREAKING DAY FOR EVERYTHING?! If I love someone, I would tell them! (Maybe not immediately, but I would someday.) But that day does NOT have to be Valentine’s Day.

Same way, I will buy my parents stuff when I feel like. I will tell them I love them and hug them and what not whenever I feel like. I do not need Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to express my love for them.

So all you single people sitting there, feeling sorry for yourselves, GO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SALES ON CHOCOLATE! Okay seriously, pull yourself together. You are an amazing person. You know it. Just go out on Valentine’s Day with a few people. Go party. Go have dinner. Have a movie night. Anything. Express your love for the people that really matter. Don’t hook yourself up with someone just because you have to.

If you’re in unrequited love (my area of expertise), either pluck the courage up to go and tell that person that you’re in love with them or don’t. Really up to you. Happiness is a key element in love. If they're happy, you should be happy.

Having said all that, I am an overly romantic girl. I am expecting a lot from this day. Probably from someone who doesn’t even care. I know having expectations is probably the worst thing anyone can…have? Oh well. It’s like any other day otherwise.

I love you all. Peace. 

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