Friday, February 8, 2013

Coffee Coaster = Life's Philosophy

It’s a normal Friday. Sitting, drinking coffee, reading the morning news on my laptop (yeah, we’re out of that era where we used to read this thing called a “newspaper"). Anyhu, I was drinking my coffee and introspection just interrupted my reading. Well, more than introspection, it was “what’s the plan for today?”
“Let’s see…Gym at 9 30, Back at 11 hopefully. Shower, cook, eat, and go to lectures. Come back, waste time, and dance. Hmm. Sounds legit.”
Photograph By: Anupama Subramaniyam

Then I looked down to keep my coffee mug and my coaster stares at me with this big fat question in my face: “Is there more to life than this?”

First I was like, “Bitch. Whacha lookin’ at? You just a coaster. Of course you’re gonna ask such questions if you have a coffee mug’s ass on your face every day.” 

Then reality hit. Not the questions. But why I have such a negative form of a question, let alone in my room, but something I’ve to read every morning when I wake up and drink coffee.

Then again, if there’s a bad, there’s a good. I could say, “YES. There is more to life than just this. But I’ve to wait.” As they say, patience pays. So I’m waiting for that “more” to life. It may be later on today. Tomorrow. Day after. Next week. Next month. Next year. Whenever. But it’s coming. And it’s more. And it’s good.

Send good vibes. Spread positive vibes. Be depressed once in a while. Need to balance things out. But don’t dramatize. Look forward. I’m looking forward to my “more”. Keep smiling! :)

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