Tuesday, February 19, 2013


What do I do instead of writing my essay? I blog. It’s a good stress buster. As is Twitter. Just saying.

Anyway. This blog is going to be a rather serious one. Only because it got me thinking. Now, before you get all critical, offensive and defensive, this blog is not targeted at anyone. It’s just my general thought. I may be wrong for all I know as I do not know what’s going on in your minds.

So going abroad and studying? Best experience ever. But, where are my qualifications going to play their part? My home. I have two homes so I’ll probably try and incorporate both. But no matter how much I say I am Zambian at heart, I am also partly Indian. And I love India. The culture, food, people, ambiance  traffic, dust, shopping…what’s not to love?

Point being, I am studying abroad. But I want to use this education to help make my country better. Why should I stay here and make a good place even better when I need to improve my country? I am not saying my country is bad. It’s not. In fact, it’s far from bad. Sure we have certain happenings that are not acceptable in society. It’s not like all the other countries in the world have no crime, rape, murders, etc. They do. We’re just not aware of it.

Use opportunities wisely. Don’t improve the good. Improve what needs improvising. Don't complain. Act. Give back to your country for a better future. 


  1. This indeed a very awakening call for every one who genuinely believes in supporting the improvement for the deserved ones. Well done Nunuma!! keep it up