Saturday, March 2, 2013

Of Love and Other Things

I'm only 20. I don't know what love is. Or maybe I do. But it's a thing I guess. I mean I have crushes and what not. That's normal. But love is very deep and meaningful, no? It's something that is inexplicable.

I did have this notion that you can fall in love only once thanks to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. But recently, I've been watching this vlogger called iiSuperwomanii. She brought in a whole new perspective: The intensity of your feelings may change according to your maturity. I mean, I could be 16 but love at that age was probably just infatuation.

At my age, I could probably understand what love is. But even if I do, there's no one for me to share that experience with because I am single. But then again, there's something called "unrequited love" (Thanks Shakespeare). Soooo, point being? Nothing really. There's no point. Maybe that's the point of love. There's no point. It's spontaneous, cryptic, mysterious, confusing...everything you can possibly think about. So if you're in love, please feel free to let me know what it's like.

Having said all this, I really do not know why I am writing this post. I'm not in love. I don't think I've ever experienced that kind of love before. I guess it's just because I'm listening to these cheesy romantic songs that make most girls melt. That happy yet empty place. And I'll end with a song that's been playing all morning. Enjoy!

Andrew Allen - Loving You Tonight

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