Thursday, March 21, 2013


I haven't blogged in a while. And I really don't have an excuse for it either. Busy with work? Nope. No internet? Nope. Nothing. No reason. Well, one reason - been watching way too many movies! I've watched eight movies in the past two weeks. For some of you, that may not be much. But considering I'm not one to sit in front of a laptop and watch movies (I prefer the television or the theater), it's a huge deal for me.

Talking about movies, I've been working on my first coursework on screenwriting (which I handed in yesterday). Hmm. Screenwriting is not as easy as many people would assume. I mean, people think it's just sitting down, gathering ideas then jotting them down like it's an easy flow of water. Sigh. I wish.

Firstly, I had to learn how to use a specific software for screenwriting. Yes. Software. Actually, it's not that bad. The software is called Celtx and is available to anyone really. After learning the software, I had to think of a book (or event or celebrity) which I will base my script on, as the first coursework was based on adaptations. After deciding which book to base my script on, the writing process began. First with a bullet draft then with the actual script. Whew!

So film-making is a process and a half. I know many people find it easy to go and watch a movie and then rate it accordingly. It's easy to say "Oh gosh! This movie sucked!" But before you say that, try to realise or imagine the amount of work that went into making that movie. I know you would argue saying you need to watch a movie to relax yourself or to escape reality. But there's a lot that goes into making a movie. If you didn't like the plot, see if you enjoyed the acting; if you didn't enjoy the acting, see if you enjoyed the music; if you didn't enjoy the music, appreciate the camera angles; there will always be something to appreciate in a piece of art.

I am speaking from a media student's perspective so it may seem biased. But in life, we move on by saying that it's the effort that matters, even if the result is negative. Keep that in mind.

No music, but enjoy this scene:

Barfi! - Bank Robbery Scene

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